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Gavin & Claire at The Ghille Dhu Edinburgh Scotland

July 28, 2018  •  1 Comment

The wedding of Gavin & Claire took us on a long drive to the amazing capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.
The ceremony was to take place at the Ghille-Dhu a really quirky venue with its own unique atmosphere.
I did a light and venue check the day before.
A venue that would come with a few challenges for a photographer.
The auditorium is beautifully decorated but is quite dark. During the ceremony the curtains are drawn which cut out all of the natural light but in return creates a fabulous ambience.
Claire made her entrance and I could see emotions were high as she fought back the tears. While Gavin held his nerve.
It was a humanist ceremony and we discovered a lot about the couple with a few funny tales along the way.
After the ceremony we went outside for a few intimate photographs, confetti throw etc.
We raised a few eyebrows too, as we made our way to the gardens along Princess Street.
Gavin & Claire at The Ghille-Dhu Edinburgh


Claire Stockley(non-registered)
Thank you for our little snap shot...cant wait to see the rest..perfect song and very fitting...love Me and Gav. Xx
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